Gulfstream Heater -Pool Heat Pump Model HE110-R-A, 115,000 BTU/6.8 COP


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Gulfstream Heater Model HE110-R-A, 115,000 BTU/6.8 COP Description:

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Experience unmatched efficiency and reliability with the Gulfstream Heater, specifically designed for Florida’s climate. The Model HE110-R-A boasts a robust 115,000 BTU capacity and a 6.8 COP, making it ideal for medium to large pools.

Key Features:

  • High Efficiency: 20% more efficient than leading brands, significantly lowering operating costs.
  • Reliability: Every unit is run-tested to ensure flawless performance right from the start.
  • Performance: Rapid heating capabilities reduce operation time and save energy.
  • Quiet Operation: Features an ultra-quiet fan and compressor for disturbance-free use.


  • Labor: Full two-year labor warranty ensures peace of mind.
  • Parts: Comprehensive ten-year parts warranty.

Extra Perks:

  • Free Delivery in Florida: Exclusive to Florida residents, ensuring quick and hassle-free service.
  • Digital Controls: User-friendly interface for easy adjustments.

** What Size Do I Need?**
Here are some recommendations based on pool size and standard operating conditions. Keep in mind that several factors can affect this determination, such as shade, elevations, desired set points, above-ground or in-ground pool, and more. It is recommended to choose a heat pump one size up to ensure the best performance. Here are some suggested heat pump models and their respective recommended pool size:

HE110: 110,000 BTU – suitable for up to 15,000 gallons or 450 square feet
HE125: 125,000 BTU – suitable for up to 23,000 gallons or 650 square feet
HE150: 150,000 BTU – suitable for up to 27,000 gallons or 800 square feet




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17 reviews for Gulfstream Heater -Pool Heat Pump Model HE110-R-A, 115,000 BTU/6.8 COP

  1. Isabella Lopez

    Easy to use and effective. Exactly what our family needed for our pool.

  2. Liam Johnson

    A solid choice for pool owners

  3. Jordan Ellis

    Absolutely love the Gulfstream HE-110! It’s super efficient and the quiet operation is a game-changer for our family pool. Plus, the 10-year warranty provides great peace of mind. Highly recommend for anyone in Florida looking for a reliable pool heat pump.

  4. Evelyn Martinez

    This heater has transformed our pool experience with its efficient and reliable heating. Very impressed!

  5. Brawner

    Noticed a significant decrease in energy bills. Super quiet too.

  6. Mason Richards

    I was skeptical but this Gulfstream heater outperforms others I’ve tried

  7. Harper

    Quiet, efficient, and powerful. Worth every penny!


    Good heater, keeps the pool warm even in colder weather. Would recommend.

  9. Michael

    Impressive performance and reliability. It heats quickly and maintains temperature efficiently.

  10. Amelia Davis

    Heats up fast and runs quietly—excellent product.

  11. Marc Stone

    Efficient operation and robust warranty make this a no-brainer for Florida homeowners.

  12. Lucas White

    Works perfectly

  13. Charlotte B

    Efficient and effective, with noticeable energy savings from month one.

  14. Ace K.

    The installation was straightforward and the operation is user-friendly. Really happy with my purchase.

  15. James Wilson

    Great heater, the digital controls are a game-changer for managing pool temp easily.

  16. Alex R.

    The Gulfstream HE-110 heats our pool quickly and efficiently. Very pleased with the performance!

  17. Benjamin Clark

    Just what we needed to extend our swimming season without breaking the bank.

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